Flame Studio


Flame Studio hosts different kinds of events throughout the year. These events provide students valuable stage opportunities and experiences.

Summer Camp 2023

The Flame Studio Summer Camp is back at it again!

This year’s Summer Camp would be the most creative and valuable experience brought to your kids ever! We offer you more than 30 joyful and versatile musica and dance classes led by expert instructors weekly!


Flame The Stage 2019 Showcase

Flame The Stage

Flame The Stage 2019! Year 2020 will be better!

The efforts paid off! Our growth is going to be shown on this stage!

Halloween 2022

Halloween Haunt House

The Flame Haunt House is here!

Bring your own horrific costume and join our party!

Code Red Dance Crew 2022 Audition

CODE RED Dance Crew 2022 Audition

Flame Studio hosts Code Red dance crew audition each year. We select best of the best for the formation of our dance crew Code Red!

The dance crew will have many opportunities to perform on stage.

Don’t miss out your valuable chance!


Summer Camp 2022

The dance and music summer camp is the most creative and valuable event for children each year!

The yearly dance and music summer camp offers many types of fun classes, including street dance, ukelele and vocal lessons.
Additionally, we offer lots of fun activities for the children, such as hand-making ukelele, drawing, and handcrafting.

We gain positive feedbacks each year with the kids all having their best time here!

Mini Movie Actress Audition

Mini Movie Actress Audition

Do you have a dream?
Do you want to be the best actress on screen?
Do you want to spread positive energy?

This is an actors recruitment for our own reality show.
Display your creative talents and shine!

More events to come…