Flame The Stage

Annual Final Showcase


October 13th, 2019 is the day that our efforts in the whole year finally paid off. We unleashed ourselves on the stage. It is such an unforgettable day. It is the end of our journey in 2019, a new chapter also started for us.

Flame Studio customer feedback for 2019

Thanks to all the trust and love from students and parents, we will be better in the next year!

Showcase Recap

Since Flame Studio founded in 2017, we carried our dreams in our journey all the time. We could not make it without efforts from teachers and staffs, the trust and support from students and the encouragement from all the families and friends.

Chinese Classical Dance Lily老师
Flame Studio Code Red Crew
Adult Jazz Class
Duo from Teacher Tina and Timmy
High Heels Jazz Class


Teacher Rainy(center) leads the performance level class

Countless arrangements, extra practices and rehearsals lead to our successful show. 80% of the students were beginner and have never been on a stage.

Everyone overcomes the fear over stage and showing theirselves, finally becomes more and more confident.

Teacher Tina

Teacher Venesssa

Self Identity Build Up

The kids from Breaking class were very naughty in the beginning, however, they has made great progress and finally performed their skills confidently under the coaching by teacher K6.

Phases of learning, hard-working training sessions paid off.

Kid and Teen Dance Crews

Kids and teens classes also have great performances even though they are younger

You cannot miss our music shows!


Drum teacher Bobby Ho
Eletric guitar teacher Andy Tse
Drums student Henry Chen
Acoustic Guitar teacher Wylie Lam
Drums Solo Eric Zhang
Miao Singers-Miss A Lan Duo & Mr. Jianbin

More Moments

Awards Presentation

Best Performance Awards
Lily Wu&Angela Chen

Best Progress Awards
Queenie Chen&
Melody Jin

Best Participation Awards
Joana Yin&Jenny Pau

Best Students Awards
Rachel Qu & Fiona Ma

Best Potential Awards
Emily Yu&Charlie Liu

Outstanding Performers

Grand Prizes Lottery

Aside from performances, we also hosted a lottery for audiences worth up to ten grands!