The 4th CODE RED CREW Recruitment

Dance Crew under Flame Studio
Annual audition

You love dancing but you don’t have a company?
Are you full of talents but couldn’t show them?
Do you want to improve your skills but don’t know what to do?

Previous Dance Crews

1st Crew

2nd Crew

3rd Crew

4th Crew

Recruitment Launches!


Great passion for dance

Attend crew practice on time

Take part in performances and events regularly

No limitaion of age and gender

Member Privilege

All group classes for free!

Personal Photograph

Professional MV fliming

Performance opportunities

Teaching opportunities


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Add our wechat and sign up

Audition direction
90 seconds solo dance
Learn dance firsthand at audition
Freestyle dance(bonus)

Audition Time
7-9pm, Oct 7th, 2022

Unit 19, 165 East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill

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期待你们参与CODE RED舞团招募式哦!

Flame Studio