Flame Studio

About Us

FLAME STUDIO is located in the centre of Richmond Hill,

Highly Praised Dance & Music School in Toronto for over 7 years

Professional Facilities built for great class experiences


Over 100 classes taught every week

Professional and effective

Street dance, Instruments and Vocal classes

We provide students with countless opportunities for stage

performance, competitions

and individual photography and Music video filiming


Offers various kinds of professional photography and filiming as

well as editing services (wedding dance, anniversery , party, etc.)

Our Principles

Various Types of Lesson

Street Dance Lessons including HipHop, Jazz, Chinese Classical, Popping, etc.


Vocal Lessons including popular singing, song recording, compositions, etc.


Instruments Lessons including guitar, piano, violin, cello, etc.

Small & Efficient Classes

No more than 15 students in dance group classes

Classes are designed according to age groups (5-10, 11-15, 15+ adults)

Classes are designed for 3 levels (basic, all-around, advanced)

Music classes are limited to 1 on 1 classes and small group no more than 6 people

More than 20 Experienced and skilled professionals

Ensures our clients the most authoritative

education and services

Frequent commercial Performance Commisions

We accept different kinds of commercial performances (weddings, big stages, personal parties)

Our dance group and band will bring all the hype to the stage!

We host events regularly (Halloween, Chinese New Year, etc.)